Wednesday, March 21, 2012


I've had no attention span for crafting this week, which has led me to simultaneously work on two knitting projects and a sewing project and not get much of any of them done. Perhaps my crafting ADD is because I keep getting distracted by bike rides in the nice weather or rereading The Hunger Games in anticipation of the movie's premier or trying to make big school/work/life plans for the next year. Either way, it doesn't lead to anything very exciting to show off on the blog. The result is that you get darts:

These darts on my latest sewing project are maybe the one big thing I did get done this week. I happily remembered my mother's lessons from many years ago on easily going from pattern markings to pinning the darts into place, so it was definitely a crafting win. Unfortunately, I'm worried that the darts may make the dress's waist too small (I'm making the largest size in the pattern, which is fine for all of my measurements except my waist), so I might be redoing the darts this week. It's probably better to get it right now than have a dress that doesn't fit later.


Anonymous said...

Hi - Another option is to leave the darts as-is, but reduce the width of the seams at the waist. Depends on how much ease you need to add to the waist and where you want the curves to land. Sorry...still can't resist teach a teaching moment :-) Mom

Kristin said...


I think I will need to let out the darts a bit because I have a feeling that adding ease to the waist isn't going to be enough. And don't worry about the teaching moment, I'm not too old to still be learning things from my mother. :)

Desiree said...

Looks great, cannot wait to see the finished project!