Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Books and Boxes

The funny thing about free time is that the number of things I want to do rises proportionally with my amount of free time and, no matter what, I always have more project ideas than time. Compound this with the fact that my to-read list similarly expands and it's a wonder that I actually get work done. (And honestly, who would want to work when there are all of these fun books to read?)

This is the fun half of my to-read pile, the other stack is primarily books on copyright

I totally admit to being sucked in by the books recently, leaving my equally giant to-craft list languishing. The good news is that finally I managed to clear off a large workspace so that I can do some sewing. It's going to be an adventure, however, as most of my sewing supplies are still boxed up (including the instructions for this project). Wish me luck!

Lovely cotton prints for a secret project

Of course, everything is going to hell in a handbasket next week when my roommate moves out. I will get to unpack my crafting supplies, but I'll be unpacking everything else with it. Hopefully, I can still find time to work on a few projects-in-progress or at least finish this sewing project before my roommate leaves with his table!

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