Wednesday, January 17, 2018

2017 In Review

I realized, in clearing the backlog of projects that I've yet to blog about (I have a few things still to show off), that I actually accomplished a lot of crafting in 2017. It probably had something to do with my new year's resolution to spend an hour per week crafting. So it seems (seams?) worthwhile to recap this amazing year, despite being well into the next.


I sewed a lot of clothing this year. Most of it was done on my trusted Janome, but I also played with my new/old Singer mechanical (see the Tiny Pocket Tank below) and purchased a serger (see the Lark Tee below).


Relatively little knitting happened this year, though I did create one large and stunning Pi Shawl and went on a tincanknits spree. Also, it seems like the 2017 knitting color of the year was grey.

Reflections on 2017

I'm continually amazed by how far my sewing skills have come. I'm feeling  very comfortable with my Janome and definitely want to refine my serging/sewing with knits skills going forward.

I sewed a lot of great clothes in 2017, but need to start focusing on basics in neutral colors to get the most out of my handiwork. There's a reason that my Pi Shawl has become my go-to shawl at work and it's because of the neutral color (though the beauty, size, and warmth are also major contributing factors).

I'm not entirely sure what crafting 2018 will bring but, based on the last year, I'm really looking forward to it!

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