Wednesday, January 03, 2018

Double Gradient Shawl

It's no secret among my knitting friends that I'm a fan of Fiber Optic's gradients. I've amassed a small pile of them over the years from stocking up at Wisconsin Sheep & Wool. Two in particular that I was sitting on and trying to figure out what to do with were Smoke on the Water and Ebony to Holly. I finally decided to jump in and use them together in a striped shawl.

The shawl pattern is Grain, another one from tincanknits' Simple Collection. It was perfect because I wanted to let the stripes shine and didn't want to use a complex pattern. Plus, a simple pattern was great for travel knitting during a big trip I took earlier in the fall.

The stripes were central to my plans for this yarn, as I love the way these two color progressions play against each other. You often only notice the change in one gradient at first glance and I love the added complexity from the second gradient.

Overall, I love how this shawl turned out. It's simple in execution but complex in color. And I think it makes these two gradients really shine.

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