Sunday, October 22, 2006

I Think That I've Come Down With Something...

The rule in the knitting community is to cast-on the second sock immediately after casting-off the first in order to avoid Second-Sock-Syndrome, thus having some motivation to complete the pair. I have apparently extended this rule to apply to whole pairs of socks, where a new pair must be put on the needles as soon as the previous pair has been finished. Now is about the time that I realize that I have been bitten by the Sock Bug.

It started off as knitting socks for Andy's birthday, and progressed to constantly wearing hand knit socks (only taking them off to shower). Other symptoms include: an obsession with sock yarn, a love of size 2 needles, and the ability to whip up a sock pattern from scratch. Now that I understand how socks 'work', they are all I want to make. I will someday get back to knitting other things, but right now, those 3 extra skeins of sock yarn are calling my name.

The first skein is actually being put to use on a pair of Jaywalkers. This is the hand-dyed Merino seen in a previous post. I must say that I was really excited to see the way the colors looked wrapped up in a ball and I LOVE the feel of knitting with the Merino. I am very happy with the yarn, and sock #1 is almost done!

I am also thinking of bartering hand-knit socks for something woven by my mother. (What do you think Mom ;D ?) I use the blanket she wove for me all the time, and I seem to remember her enjoying the last pair of socks I knit for her. It's great to have another fiber-loving person in the family. It makes me and my yarn stash seem a bit more normal.

That's all for now. Hopefully, the worst of the sock virus will have passed before the next post, or you may be hearing about socks for a long time...

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