Sunday, October 15, 2006

The Socks Are Done, What Next?

It has been a busy few weeks here in Madison. School has taken over my life and I have not found enough time to post in this blog for a while. Not that there has been much knitting going on--again, being so busy and all.

However, I did manage to finish Andy's socks last week! His birthday is next week, so they are done just in time. They look really good, but we'll have to see how they fit.

Also, I learned that one of my college friends had a baby recently. I decided to whip up a baby hat to send to her. Now if I could only find her address...

On the spinning front, I purchased some more roving: some Blue-Faced Leichester and some Superwash Merino, both hand-dyed from Lisa Souza. I have spun some of the BFL (the blue/green) and really like it. Before I spin anymore, I have to decide the weight I want the final yarn to be. It might also help to come up with something to make out of all of that yarn, but I'll get there eventually.

I'm in a lull between projects now. I'm thinking about knitting Jaywalkers out of my hand-dyed yarn, or some fair-isle fingerless gloves with some yarn I bought from Knitpicks. I also cracked open the blank DG scrapbook the other day and starting putting down backgrounds. And I have lots of fleece calling my name. I can handle two projects at a time, so I have to decide which ones I want to work on the most. The winners in the next post to be sure.

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