Saturday, October 28, 2006

Making Progress

First, I must say that Andy loves his socks! And coming from a boy who hates wearing socks, this makes me very happy. Now, if only he would let me take a picture of them on his feet...

Other news from the world of socks is that I am halfway through my second Jaywalker. I just turned the heel last night, and did a little work on the gusset this morning. I cannot wait to wear these socks!

I also did a little spinning this morning with the BFL from Lisa Souza in the Emerald City colorway.

Another project that saw some attention this week was my scrapbook. I ordered prints last week and have cropped and seperated them by year. If I take this a few small steps at a time, I might have my undergraduate scrapbook complete before I finish graduate school. (Now if only I could say the same for that T-shirt quilt).

I have a big exam next Saturday, so hopefully I will be able to sneak some knitting time in between the studying this week.

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