Monday, March 26, 2007

I Am A Crafting Machine


The Golden Clutch
Have had lots of positive comments about this clutch. It is a wonder that it took me so long to sew a lining and zipper in, but the finishing touches are worth it.

PC Bag
A handsewn bag to ferry my laptop to and from work. Much less bulky that my laptop case and super cute to boot! Made from quilted fabric and twill tape, with 3 snap closures.

The Wheel In Motion Skein

After 4 months lying dormant, my spinning wheel is up and running. In just four nights of spinning and one of plying, I have my very first wheel-spun skein. Describing my wheel in one word: Fabulous!!!


Ripple Afghan
With no knitting ideas floating around my head at the moment, I thought that I would jump on the crochet Ripple bandwagon. Plus, it gives me something to do with my huge pile of scrap yarn.

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Anonymous said...

Your first wheel-spun yarn looks gorgeous!! Glad it was such a success. Mom