Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Walnut Whip

Do you ever have the sudden strong desire to knit a particular project, despite the fact that you have other things on the needles and had previously not had any plans to make that pattern? That happened to me this week when I stumbled upon the pattern Walnut Whip on Ravelry. It's a pretty little hat and the fact that it's a Ysolda pattern (surprise!) may have something to do with my immediate need to knit it.

On its surface, Walnut Whip is a simple cable hat but it has some interesting details in the form of pleats on the back of the hat. These pleats are akin to those seen in Ysolda's Ripley pattern, but done to mimic the surrounding cables. It's pretty genius actually.

I wasn't initially sold on the pleats until I started wearing the hat. The pleats pull the back up a bit, making the hat sit perfectly and comfortably on the head. The hat is so comfortable, in fact, that I haven't stopped wearing the hat since I finished it (that might be related to the fact that it's not warm in my apartment, but probably isn't).

I know I say this about all Ysolda patterns, but people should really knit this hat. It's one of her least knit patterns (as of writing, it has only 15 projects on Ravelry) and is definitely a hidden gem. So now I'll spread my Ysolda Fever a little more by encouraging you all to knit this beautiful hat!

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Unknown said...

You might have pushed me over the edge... I think I'm going to purchase some Ysolda patterns! This hat is so cute.