Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Yet Another Hat

Now that my sewing table is set up, I'm excited to start working with fabric again. I have several projects in mind but I think I'll start with something small like a bag or (yet another) hat. Because even though my secret sewing project from last month was my fifth hat sewn since last summer, I can't stop making them.

The hat in question was another copy of my favorite sunhat pattern from 'Hat Shop', complete with my mods to make it wearable. This version was shipped off to my sister who, as she lives in Hawaii, will surely find use for it.

I love pairing fabrics for these hats, though I'm not sure I succeeded for this version. I initially thought to put the bright floral print on the outside but upon finishing it was clear that it looks better as a pop of color on the underside. Thank goodness for reversible patterns. Which ever way she ends up wearing it, I hope my sister enjoys her new hat!

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